About Us

Dynamics Global Management is a Basketball agency that has created the Sports Humanism. Basing its work on it counts with a well-known own methodology focused on the elite sport.

In Dynamics, our goal is to get that, always following a detailed plan, the sportsman reaches his top potential, always in harmony with his personal balance.

The development of the Sports Humanism means long-term work, always walking together with the sportsman in all his career stages:

  1. Building phase, when he’s a young player and he is in youth teams, paying a particular attention on his studies and the relation with the families.
  2. Launch phase, when he starts to play professional Basketball.
  3. Maturity phase, when he is a solid professional player and there are changes of team and places.
  4. Post-career phase, when the player is retiring


All of this means an informed and continuous commitment, where each phase works to prepare all the next phases.

Dynamics offers to the player caring and accompanying on the emotional side, putting to his disposal a team of specialists who give him mental, physical and technical tools and resources.
In order to get it, Dynamics’ multidisciplinary team is made by FIBA Agents, Developing Coaches, Physical Trainers, Data Analysts, Sports Physcologists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Mentors, Lawyers and Accountant Managers, who assess and take care of each player needs at every moment.

In Dynamics, we’re committed to Caring for Basketball, and each day we find new Paths to Talent.

Let’s make Dynamics together!


In Dynamics, we know that summer is for work on your different skills.

Our #SUMMERCAMP is a high-level event made to create a big impact on the young players, on their careers and their idea about Basketball, which will allow them to face a career at the top level in professional Basketball