In 2010, Francisco Galindo and Guillermo Pascual, based on previous experiences with other agencies, decided to found Dynamics Global Management, where we could develop our vision of the business. Since then, we have developed the ideas and principles that define us as a company.

Dynamics Global Management is composed of a professional and specialized staff that specializes in managing, representing and advising the professional athletes.

In addition, Dynamics counts with a multidisciplinary team made by Developing Coaches, Physical Trainers, Data Analysts, Sports Physcologists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Mentors, Lawyers and Accountant Managers.


Guillermo Pascual Manzano

General Manager

FIBA Agent 2010023423

Germany DBB Agent License nº: D-PAL-114

+34 606 688 331

Francisco Galindo Martínez

Vice-President, Promising Youths Scout

FIBA Agent 200701841

+34 605 881 049